I am a hardworking, motivated, and positive team player looking to use my design skills in a more advanced and complex setting. Throughout my career I have executed strong problem solving skills, technical tools, sketching, CAD software, CNC and 3D printing knowledge. With this technical expertise I have been able to produce an abundance of creative designs for high profile, world-class clientele who specialize in consumer electronics, including HP, Dell, Starbucks and Hasbro. I have over 6000 hours using SolidWorks along with an extensive background in CAD modeling, rendering CAD in KeyShot and with Design For Manufacturing (DFM) using sliders, side action, shut off etc. In addition to these design skills comes years of experience working hands on with a variety of tools and machinery to create wood, metal and plastic parts, artwork and furniture. I have an in depth appreciation for well made, user friendly tools ranging from the simplicity and comfort of a Festool Domino jointer to premium dust collections on a Merka orbital sander. I am not only a designer I am a maker. My love for taking machines, vehicles and RC helicopters apart and putting them back together makes me fit for a career designing new and better products for all types of applications. To further acquaint you with the specifics of my background I am enclosing my resume, and my online portfolio can be found at www.mechtank.com. I am a motivated, solution-oriented team player who consistently concentrates on 360-degree concerns in design projects. It is my goal to work with an organization that shares a passion for this approach to growth within the multifaceted design business.


Sites hosting my work http://www.universaldesignstyle.com/ctc-41-wheelchair-concept/ http://www.lovethesepics.com/2012/09/35-wildly-wonderful-wheelchair-design-concepts/ http://www.rofltime.com/fashion-by-santa-con/

Experience & Education