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P. 585.319.1604 | siloplugs@gmail.com | www.linkedin.com/in/SamPastorella Hard working, highly motivated designer, determined to find creative solutions for real world problems with a fresh perspective. Manage time and capital for developing projects and balance competing priorities to meet deadlines. Specialize in sporting goods product development and performance quality. Design skills: Problem solving | Concept development Clean technical drafting | Detailed perspective sketching Polished marker finishing | Realistic computer rendering Woodworking | Plastic forming | Molding | Metalwork/welding 3D Modeling | 3D Printing | CNC Machining | Prototyping Computer skills: SolidWorks | AutoCAD | Photoshop | Illustrator InDesign | Sketchbook Pro | Microsoft Office Suite


IDSA, MSU Denver, Silo Plugs, Savior Custom Drums

Experience & Education