During the past thirty eight years I have earned extensive experience in innovative design practices, for domestic and international brands. As a well-rounded emotional and validation professional designer and stylist, my strong multidisciplinary attributes have brought me through various industrial design processes; brainstorming, evaluation, usability, problem solving, constructive critiques, good clear communication, methodical strategies, utilizing time and motion practices. I am a skilled specialist and researcher in colors, materials and finishes, very experienced model maker/prototyper blended and balanced with my design and engineering background. I have played a key role in identifying and implementing all the innovation opportunities on form factor, color, material, structure, user experience, and creating and executing directions as well as solutions for manufacturing operations involving tooling for textures, colors on materials, with very high quality standards for practical, intelligent, eye-catching products that succeed in the marketplace.


Worked on fifty six design award-wining models, in England and USA. The Museum of Modern Art in New York hosts four of the models.

Experience & Education